The Constitution may be viewed:

Committee Minutes

Here is a summary of the minutes of the recent Committee meetings. In order to keep these available only to members of U3A Dacorum, this requires a password. This password will be changed from time to time and be circulated through the U3A Dacorum email list.

Additionally the Constitution (above, no password required) and the draft minutes from the AGM held on 4th August 2014 can be viewed. They are in pdf format so that an Adobe Acroreader will be required. **Click here to download a free pdf reader.


The committee has decided that the summary minutes should not be ciculated until the minutes have been approved at the following meeting. The summaries will therefore not be available until after that meeting.

Committee Photographs

Chairman - Tina Howard
Laura Rouse - Vice Chair
Treasurer - Harvey Collyer
Mike Sapsard - Secretary
Groups Liaison - Alan Osborn
Judy Baldwin - Membership Secretary
Gill Fountain - Group Hall Hire
Christine Watson - Committee Member
Speaker Secretary - Jenny Thirlwell
Terry Thirlwell - Equipment Officer
Committee Member - Judith Murdock
Webmaster - Peter Bushill