Coordinators' Information

Here is the Coordinator's Handbook, forms and other information available through the Website:-

These are available in pdf format. This requires Adobe Acrobat to be installed. **Click here to download a free pdf reader.

Coordinators' Meeting Report

The report from the Coordinators' Meeting in October 2018 may be read by clicking here

Accident Form

The Accident Report form is available as a pdf which must be printed or in Microsoft Word format, the latter can be saved and/or opened and the necessary changes made on your, the 'boxes' will expand to hold the text.
The completed form should be sent or emailed to the secretary.

Accident Reportpdf  Select 
Accident Reportdoc  Select 

Coordinators' Forms

These forms can be printed and used, they are the same as those provided by the Membership Secretary

Group RegisterWide  Select 
Group RegisterLong  Select 
Form 1Expenses 01-08  Select 
Form 2Group Income & Expenditure 01-08  Select 
Form 3Trip Balance Sheet 01-08  Select 
Form 4Advance payment 01-08  Select 
Form 4aTrip Refund Request 09-08  Select 
Form 6Trip Cheques Income 01-08  Select 

Coordinator's Handbook

Handbook  Select 

Note that the forms above must be used rather than the Example versions in this handbook.