Member Forms

Annual Renewal Form for April 2019- March 2020

There are 2 different annual renewal forms, one for payment of the annual fee by cheque and one for paying be bank transfer. Both forms contain the instructions for completion.
Payment using either of these forms is required only if you have not already paid and did not join this calendar year.

Payment by Cheque  Select 
  NOTEYou should have received the 'payment by cheque' form with the Digest, only use this form if you have mislaid or did not receive that one.
Payment by Bank Transfer  Select 

Gift Aid Form

The Gift Aid form is available as a pdf which must be printed.

Gift Aid  Select 

Accident Form

The Accident Report form is available as a pdf which must be printed or in Microsoft Word format, the latter can be saved and/or opened and the necessary changes made on your, the 'boxes' will expand to hold the text.
The completed form should be sent or emailed to the secretary.

Accident Reportpdf  Select 
Accident Reportdoc  Select 

Other Forms

Various other forms normally used by Co-ordinators may be accessed by selecting 'Group Co-ordinator's forms on the initial screen but they are also available by clicking here.

Most of these forms are available only in pdf format this requires pdf reader to be available. **Click here to download a free pdf reader.