Website Contents

This page shows a brief description of the contents of each Web Page. In the menu buttons on the left hand side, a pink background  XXX  identifies the page being displayed while a red background  YYY  selects the 'YYY' page.
some basic information about U3A Dacorum.
 defines the U3A Dacorum as a self help charity aimed at retired (or semi retired) people who would like to share their knowledge and experiance. How it is structured and the costs of belonging.
provides access to the Dacorum U3A privacy policy document.
has some contact email addresses and the url for this Website.
 gives a list of the groups that U3A Dacorum has.
By clicking on a group, further information such as frequency, location and future dates is shown.
Groups can be shown that meet on a particular day, are of a particular type or town. The reports from some of the groups can be shown.
 shows a monthly diary with the monthly and committee meetings as well as other events which may be of general interest.
 has instruction on how to join U3A Dacorum and the costs.
Gives access to a a printable application form and where to send it. (A pre-printed form can be sent if you cannot print the form).
has access to the committee minutes and digest group reports as well as other news. These are not available immediately.
has a number of photographs of group activities. Also some photographs and videos of the Anniversary event held on 2011.
describes to brief description of the history of the Dacorum area since the Saxon period.
contains links to other Websites that members may find useful.